Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas Dinner

Well it’s Christmas time. Not exactly my favorite time of year. I think too many people forget what the holiday is all about and to top it off I gain way to much weight!

So heading for the safer end of the above statement, what is your favorite main dish for Christmas dinner? For years we ate the standard Turkey. Now we’ve moved to prime rib which I like much better. Here in New Mexico we also have to have some standard fare such as Tamales, Posole and Green Chile Stew. Sure enough adds some outstanding flavor to the meal.

So what do you all like?

Friday, December 16, 2005

Why bother?

Why bother?

I know a lot of people have complaints about associations. So if you don’t like it why bother? What’s the best way to hurt any association? Simple take the money out of their pocketbook. Then even better don’t visit their sponsors unless you have to. So Wrangler is a big sponsor, well what do you think would happen if you quit buying their products and started buying an alternative like Cinch? What if you talked to five friends and convinced them to do the same and they talked to five friends each and so on and so forth. How long would it be until Wrangler saw a hiccup in their sales, did a little market research and found out it was because they supported so and so who the competitors thought were cheating them? I’d bet they’d either have to right the ship or Wrangler would abandon it! But it doesn’t do any good to complain and still give them your money.

Here is an even better example. There is a breed registry system that everyone thinks is a great idea. BUT this registry (which is a for profit cooperation) also runs some shows/events. Well many members think the association cheats at these events. So here was my question, “Why belong?” Now I understand the registry is a great idea and I think it is too. But if you feel people are short changing you why do you keep handing them money? I heard it was two different things, the registry and the events, umm but guess what folks it’s the same association being run by the same people so if they are going to cheat at one thing what makes you think not at another? Now there is another association that started out of this deal and some folks think they’re playing favorites too, so again why play with them?

Right now I know there are lots of folks not happy with the big daddy association. Again they think their not playing by the rules. So why play? Take you cash and go home. You know I understand that you want the glory of saying we’re a P.X.X.A association rodeo but you do know that there are more options out there, right?

Now I have my opinion as to why things are like this. I think first it’s because people are too lazy to get involved and make things better and or start their own deal and try to make it better. Second I think it’s just because some people like to complain and belly ache. In third place it could be just pure stupidity and folks like to jump on the band wagon with the lynch mob. Lastly I think they stay because they hope to get some fame and glory out of someone else’s hard work with doing little more than paying in some money. Now I maybe wrong but I know when I felt dumped on by the associations I simply took my pocket change and went home! Not that it hurt them and not that the association went away, but it sure made me feel better.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

World Champions

Congratulations to this year World Champion Cowboys and Cowgirls

All Around Cowboy – Ryan Jarrett
Bareback – Will Lowe
Steer Wrestling – Lee Graves
Team Roping – Clay Tryan and Patrick Smith
Saddle Bronc – Jeffery Willert
Calf Roping – Fred Whitfield
Barrel Racing – Kelly Kaminski
Bull Riding – Matt Austin

Wow, was this a year for the PRCA to shine. Matt Austin wins the World Bull Riding Championship as well as the Finals Average and beat the great Ty Murray’s record for single season earnings by taking home over $300,000 but here is the kicker – Matt didn’t win one round at the NFR. There are some great young bull riders who will make the next few years interesting without a doubt.

Will Lowe of Canyon, Texas claimed his second title by surviving what proved to be a cat fight to the finish. In the Saddle Bronc Jeffery Willert hung on by his fingernails to take home the title, while the great Rod Warren won the average title in Vegas. Even though Cody DeMoss and Billy Etbauer tied with a 90 in round ten, neither could make up the ground on Willert who finished high in the round. This may have been one of the most exciting Saddle Bronc finals in recent years. What else can you say about it when in one round they put 12 on the ground? And yes that included the two legends Billy Etbauer and Dan Mortensen.

Steer Wrestling and Team Roping were both fights to the finish. In Steer Wrestling Lee Graves took another title to Canada, in fact he took two as he won the world title and the finals average title. In the Team Roping, Tryan and Smith over came a lot of obstacles, won a lot of round money and stayed on top. We’d like to wish a farewell to the team of Speed and Rich as they announced that next year they’ll both rope with others. We also pray for a speedy recovery to Jake Barnes on the injury he suffered at NFR.

Calf Roping and Barrel Racing also came down to the final day. Well what else would you expect? Fred Whitfield slid in the drivers’ seat late in the week and then never gave up the keys as he battled a slew of big names to take home another title. Ryan Jarrett toped off a solid finish in Steer Wrestling with an Average win in Calf Roping to take home the All-Around title this year. Kelly Kaminski stayed solid all week, even with the number of barrels the girls hit this week there were a few that smoked ‘em when they had to and she was one of them. Kelly won her second title.

NFR Round 10 TODAY!!

Congratulations to Matt Austin on wrapping up his first world title in Bull Riding. Fortunately most of the other races are too close to call, we’ll all have to hold out and see how people do in the last round today and in most of the races the average will become a major part of the final outcome. So pull your hats down tight because I think it’s going to get wild and wooly today.

Round 10 of the NFR will be on ESPN at 1:30pst. Don’t forget the popcorn and soda pop!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

33rd Annual MidWinter Championship

33rd Annual Mid-Winter Championship Bull RidingJan. 26-28, 2006Lubbock, TX @ the South Plains Livestock PavilionGuaranteed Purse: $12,000Entry Fee's $125For More Information call Charlie Thompson at 1-806-794-2317 or visit the web site at http://www.c-trodeo.comStop by the web site to see the long list of World Champions who've ridden at this event and for other information.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Service In Vegas

What has happened to the service in Las Vegas? I can tell you now in the years I’ve been visiting Las Vegas and not just for NFR, that I have never seen service this poor! Even off the strip the service normally left something to be desired. I guess the hotels no longer care about their guest’s, well except maybe the ones blowing a few hundred thousand dollars. But to us low end folks they could care less! On more than one occasion I put the workers/waitresses off because I was stupid enough to disrupt their cell phone conversations because I wanted to either place an order or to get my ticket so I could escape! Hey kids here is a hint for you, if you make the majority of your money in tips at your job, us middle aged jerks could really care less about who you’re talking to on your cell phone or what your sisters date did or so on and so forth! So be nice, be attentive maybe even flirt a little if you think they might be single because good service normally equals good tips!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Off to the NFR

Well we’re off to the NFR early AM. I’ll be checking email as I can but no promises until Friday. Y’all be good and have fun watching it on TV!