Monday, October 06, 2008

SLC or Bust Day 2 reflections

The Arrival

Day two saw us climbing out of Green River, UT through Price and over Soldier Summit into Spanish Fork, UT. Until you are about 15 or so miles from Price the drive is pretty non-descript. Once you begin pulling out of Price you start along the side of a mountain for a bit. Philip with his bad eye and severe vertigo makes this a hard stretch for him. Me, I love the scenery and the river along side the road. Going up over the summit we saw the colors beginning to change but they color contrast would be much better on our way home. This is quite a beautiful drive and if you have a car capable of taking it, I would strongly suggest it!

Coming out of the canyon we had a surprise in store for us. Something white flashed high in the sky at the mouth of the canyon. Come to find out they've built a number of windmills at the mouth of the canyon. With the wind, probably a great place for them.

Our first mission was to put some fuel into us. Philip decided we would head towards Provo, Utah the home of Bringham Young University. We stoped at the first place we came to, even though Philip said no I stopped at a Village Inn restaurant, after all they can't all be bad can they? Well never discount Philip when it comes to food! Horrible food and flippant service. I'd stay away from all Village Inns, especially the one in Los Lunas and the one on South University in Provo.

With two days before conference we were now on a Philip mission. Philip wants enough LDS temples to produce a calendar. Provo temple was the next on our list. Though fairly easy to find, it was no thanks to the instructions off of the LDS website. On our way up to the temple we had to drive right buy LaVelle Edwards stadium. I've found my next must take adventure, a BYU Cougars football game. The temple like all temples is a beautiful site, but unlike many I've visited parking was at a premium. Believe it or not this was also the only temple on this trip were we didn't run into a wedding party. Getting out of Provo proved to be almost as much fun as getting into Provo. Next on the list Mount Timpanogos(?) ok so call it Mount 'T'.

Wow, talk about an adventure, finding Mount 'T' was it. Between horrible instructions and worse construction it was quite the time. Now I'm convinced we need a GPS device, though Philip says only for Utah. Philip is a master map user and can find his way just about anywhere (though he sometimes refers to it as the scenic route) but he became frustrated with the road numbering and construction. We will post better ways of finding the temples at a later date. From Mount 'T' it was a pretty easy shot to Salt Lake City were adventure took on a whole new meaning!

Downtown Salt Lake City is a MESS, construction has everything tore up. Some roads are barely passable is at all. Getting around takes a while and when we discuss day four we'll go into more detail. The Salt Lake City Temple makes it all worth it, it is rare you'll find such peace and tranquility in a downtown area being riped apart. It was truly a moment of special feelings in my life. We also went next door to the Joseph Smith building that use to be the old hotel Utah. Oh my, what else can be said! Gorgeous, nearly matching the sites of the land we had seen earlier in the trip. They say the 10th floor has an observation lounge that has killer views. After a good lunch at Olive Garden we were able to recover and go find the place were we where to stay that night.

The say that the Utah motto should be "Under Construction," amen to that! After fighting construction and weird street changes we found where we were headed. A shopping center/apartment complex. Nice apartments but not very handicapped friendly.

More later, but click on the title link and you can go visit some of the photos Philip took.


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