Saturday, December 06, 2008

What Happened to Customer Service?

Last Tuesday night I shot a wedding ceremony at the LDS Temple in Albuquerque. When it was over we went to the IHOP on Paseo Del Norte and Wyoming. Wow, talk about horrible. Mom went with me, and they served her meal on a dirty plate. Sorry when I order a ham and cheese omlete I really don't need any strawberry syrup to go with it, well I don't think I do! I ordered pancakes with my meal and upon arrival they where cold and hard, trust me they could have been used as clay pigeons for skeet shooting. Now latley my luck hasn't been so good at sit down restraunts. Denny's was freezing last time we went, it's pretty bad that within three bites your food is like ice and you feel like you should have gloves on to eat.

Now today was a whole other story. We went to a little restraunt here in Los Lunas called Hennriettas. Normally good food with good service, and way better prices. Wow guess I'm learning my lesson, shop local! Now if the local grocery store wasn't 10 miles away. Because I'm tired of shopping at WalMart (sorry don't want to bail out china on the walmart plan) and our Smith's Grocery store here has forgotten that this is not Mexico but NEW MEXICO!

So pay attention kids, your lack of service may very well be your job loss.


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