Friday, June 20, 2008

Shows Coming to New Mexico

Here are a few of the Upcoming Rodeos and Bull ridings coming soon to a town near you:


  1. Rodeo de Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM June 25-28, 2008 (PRCA)
    1. One of the oldest rodeos in New Mexico.
  2. Raton Pro Rodeo, Raton, NM June 26-28, 2008 (PRCA)
    1. Its back, after a long absence the Raton Pro Show is back.
  3. Durango Bullriding, Durango, Co August 1-2, 2008 (PBR)
    1. Cool Mountain air, great scenery all around, just a short drive up US 550.
  4. Lea County Fair , Lovington, New Mexico August 6-9, 2008 (PRCA)
  5. Inn of the Mountain Gods, Mescalero, New Mexico August 8-10, 2008 (PRCA)
    1. Not far from Ruidoso and some of the best horseracing in the country.
  6. Colorado State Fair, Pueblo, Colorado August 28, 2008 (PBR)
    1. Ok so I missed the Pro Rodeo, too much going on then.
  7. Navajo Nation Bullriding, Window Rock, AZ September 4, 2008 (CBR)
    1. The capital of the Navajo Nation, if you want to see real silver and turquoise artisanship and not some junk made in China or India, here is the spot!
  8. New Mexico State Fair, Albuquerque, New Mexico September 11-20 (PRCA)
    1. The Biggest party in New Mexico? Use to be, check for the concert lineup, normally pretty decent.
  9. Southwest International Stock Show, El Paso, TX September 16-21, 2008 (PRCA)
    1. Ok so it is El Paso! Head down I-25 and have fun!
  10. Curry County Mounted Patrol Bullriding, Clovis, New Mexico September 19-20 (PBR)
    1. Can we say Joe? Can we say Boot? Can we say shop? Can we say Joe's Boot Shop? If you have to ask :O
  11. Santa Fe PBR, Santa Fe, New Mexico September 26-27, 2008 (PBR)
    1. Back to Santa Fe for a Bullriding, watches out for yuppies, the ticks even get shots to fend them off.
  12. Roswell PBR, Roswell, New Mexico October 3-4, 2008 (PBR)
    1. Home of the Aliens, Saddle Barn and Rockin' A Rodeo Gear. Need to pickup some gear while you are on the road, might want to show up a tad early.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Web 2.0 In a Rodeo World

Web 2.0 is the hottest trend in Web Design today. To that end I will be trying to implement many of the Web 2.0 "TOYS" in to the Double P Tack web site over the Sumer. We hope you all enjoy!