Sunday, August 24, 2008

Take me to a county fair

Well I just got back from the final of three performances of the Sheriffs Posse rodeo at the Valencia County Fair. Here is just a few things I learned:

1) Strobe Lights good! Eye site Bad!
2) Mutton Busters get there 3 days before the first team roper!
3) Wasp are pest, but not as bad as mosquitoes!
4) Afternoon performances in the summer time bad!
5) Evening performances where people have to look into the setting sun, worse!
6) 4 Saddle Bronc Riders bad, 2 Bareback riders in 3 perf's worse!
7) Sour timed event animals bad.
8) People not in proper attire allowed in the arena, stupid!
9) No one running out gates, silly.
10) Arenas built 100 years ago, just plain wrong!

Now I know Valencia County isn't the richest county in the State of New Mexico. But come on people isn't it about time we build an arena capable of being nice? How about a 2500 seat indoor joint, with air and heat? Maybe use some solar and wind power to make it more green? Heck even see about getting a methane generator? But I guess we'll always be a little behind the rest of the state.

Oh yeah and I know the fair and the rodeo ain't by the same folks but do you really think I want to pay double admission? And what is with no amusements for the kids, jumpers are nice but a little under classed!

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Friday, August 08, 2008

How far to travel

With the price of diesel now at a low $4.36 (yeah still about $3.00 too much, danged thieves!) I'm wondering how far folks are willing to travel to work, compete or watch a show? As a photographer and with reciepts down and with more competition form the "Soccer" moms selling really bad prints for $.05 (yes 5 cents has been reported to me) I'm not willing to go more than three hours IF the hotel rooms are cheap! Is that just me?

ps. and yes I do need a camper or a trailer!

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IBM Announces "Non-Windows" Sytems

IBM in cooperation with Red Hat (Fedora Project), Novell (SuSE) and Ubunutu have announced a new campaign to advertise "Microsoft-free personal computing choices."While this is not a first attempt at a Windows Free environment it is the first time I can remember such a large consortium coming together and being anchored by a large corporation like IBM surely should have some effect.

As a Microsoft trained professional I can see numerous reason why this is happening, but number 1 on that hit parade is Vista, which leaves much to be desired! While I use it at work and have little issues, I do know running two pigs like Vista and Adobe CS3 sure kicks me in the shins when I have them both going full bore!

One question though, what will IBM do with it's Linux project called Yellow Dog? hmmm

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This just in!

Apparently, Ty and Jewel eloped to the Bahamas on August 7th.

Good luck!