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Are you ready for CES 2018?

Are you ready for CES 2018?

Are you ready for CES 2018 which starts January 9th – 12th. Taking up the entire Las Vegas Convention Center, The Sands and Venetian Convention Center and a huge chunk of Aria. There will be a lot of walking. Are you ready? I’ve written up a few hints as someone who lives in Las Vegas.


One, the Las Vegas Monorail is your friend. Yes, Lyft and Uber are nice, Taxi’s are expensive but the Monorail is the easiest way to get from the strip to the convention center. Now the monorail will not get you to the Aria, but it is an easy walk through the MGM across the Boulevard through Park MGM to Aria. Of course, there are lots of shuttle buses too, but be prepared to wait in line a long time. Now for the Venetian/Sands, the Monorail stops at Harrah’s which is down the strip away but it is still an easy walk. You get it yet, LOTS of walking. Even taking alternative transportation.


Shoes, at least two pair of good walking shoes. Why two, one for walking the trade show and one for walking the strip when you are done. Because if you are staying on the strip you know you are going to go cruise the strip. Make sure the shoes are broken in but not broke down. Brand new shoes can easily rub your feet raw and cause blisters. So, a couple of socks per day and good shoes and you are half ready.


Another thing that is often forgotten, Las Vegas is a desert. Even when it rains here it is dry. Drink plenty of water. Ok everyone else will say drink fluids, nope wrong, drink water. Especially if you drink alcohol and heavy caffeine drinks. For every soda or tequila shot you drink, drink the same quantity of water. Now you might want to consider stopping before to late up night so you are not up all night, but staying hydrated will help you stay energized through the day.

Chowing Down

Eating, the buffet is not your friend. Sure, it is Vegas and everyone wants to eat at a buffet at least once; but the buffet doesn’t really help you do anything besides gain a pound or two and feel overly stuffed. If you haven’t been to Las Vegas in many years you might remember when it was cheap to eat, yeah not so much anymore. Even at the food courts the prices are a bit higher. But there are places along the strip that are slightly more affordable. I advise saving money before you come and eat a decent meal every evening. Make sure you are careful with the high processed and high sugar foods. Try to eat a little better than you would at home. You need the energy. Now you are going to want to make the run to In-N-Out Burgers or other cool places but be aware of how much energy you need to walk.

Walking Now, Paying Less Later

Get your walk on. You should be walking 5,000 – 7,500 steps per day. Plus, the week after the first or the week before the show you should be walking up to 10,000 steps and doing light stretches. Stretch your lower legs, calves, Achilles and planter fasciitis so when you are done for the day you can still move. Moving now will help you when you are walking 12,000 to 15,000 steps per day for a whole week. I also say get a pedometer app on your phone. You might be surprised by the amount of work you put in. If you’re coming as a group, I would suggest that you all do a group walk every day. Pace the group to the slowest person and it will help you as a group be more in tune with each other.

Don’t forget the Arms

Clear bags are now the standard at the trade shows, but they are not exactly comfortable. I say get a few small weights and do some curls and reverse curls a few times a week. Get your arms ready to carry all of the material and Swag you will collect as you cruise the shows. Yes, it sounds silly but it will help.


Make a plan to see what you need to see first. Then after you’ve done the necessities it is easier to enjoy the show and to make it less stressful on you.

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