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Podcasting – The Double P Tack Way

I’ve been asked a lot lately about Podcasting. Yes, I can help you. No, I am not free or cheap. Easy, maybe? So I have listed my favorite or at least acceptable hardware and software below. You do not have to buy from the affiliate links, but I hope you do.

So here is the first question I have for you. Do you have a short simple name for your podcast? Can you purchase the domain Name?

Next, how many episodes do you plant to publish per year? 12, 26, or 52, whatever the number double it for show ideas. If you say one show a month and you can’t list 24 ideas for a show, you need to think more. You don’t need to buy all of the equipment at once. I also am going to recommend two microphones. But get one to start.
For my Podcasting Service I use Podbean (affiliate link coming soon) and highly recommend them. Libsyn and Blubrry are also top rated platforms. Many, when first starting out use Soundcloud which has a decent free service. Including me, my only real problem with Soundcloud is it does not separate the podcast from the music and I do not want to get lost in the shuffle with great music. Seems like a losing proposition to me. Each of the “big” three podcast host have their positives and negatives. Actually, if you are willing to spend the money on Podbean they will host a very basic WordPress site for you.

I use Bizland for all of my sites. Check them out here
No it is not Go Daddy, and heck might not even be the best. But they work and they allow for WordPress which is what I use to drive me content on most sites. If you want a site with more power I can make other recommendations. Or I can build it for you.

Editing, is not simple and is very time consuming. The “umms and ahhs” can be frustrating. But for beginners I suggest using a free software called Audacity. But wait that’s not all. With Audacity make sure you download the LAME Mp3 Encoding Plug-in. Mp3 is smaller than a .wav or .aud file and will play on most players without question. For beginning podcasters this is easy to learn with lots of YouTube videos to check out.

Microphones are varied and unique. Kind of like Chevy, Buick, Honda and Ferrari. What do you have the money for?
Since you also need a headset I recommend the Audio Technica ATR 2100 for Podcasting.

This Microphone is reliable and simple. It has both an XLR connection and a USB connection. By the way this is what I recorded this with. With significant background noise.

Even though this particular product has a windscreen I recommend a foam ball to help keep the wind down a bit more.

Now, if you are like me, you are on the move a lot. I actually record 99% of my three shows on the Zoom H4N Pro recorder. With a 32gb SD memory card I have plenty of room. Great for on location recordings and it hooks up just fine to my Canon 6D Camera. I will talk more about cameras and mobile recording in a future episode.

When buying the Zoom I recommend getting an external power source. It is easier to plug in than recharge batteries sometimes. Take a look at this kit, it should have everything you need. Please study the instruction manual though.

The last piece of basic equipment I suggest is a lavalier microphone. If it can hook up to your phone you have a winner. Try out this.

For recording online you can use Skype or Google Hangouts. Coming from a corporate(Higher Education) background I recommend Zoom.

So this is a rough draft to help you get started podcasting. As it grows I will update and add things as needed.

So get off your duff and get to recording!

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