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Double P Tack started off in November of 1993 and opened our doors to the public in January of 1994 as a tack shop on the Downs of Albuquerque and Santa Fe. With so many of our customers into rodeo we started carrying rodeo equipment almost immediately. We closed the store in 1996 but From 1994-1995 we setup a mobile tack shop at the New Mexico Junior Rodeo Association, Maverick Rodeo Company and other local Rodeos. But in 1995 as the bull rider we sponsored made his jump to the bigger leagues we we're hired to film the roughstock events for Maverick Rodeo Company, thus began our venture into Multimedia services. Pollie Williams is the Majority Owner of Double P Tack. Pollie started waiting tables at 14 with her mother in the truck stops in Winnemucca, Nevada and Cortez, Colorado. Pollie has worked in numerous professional environments over the last 45 years and has done everything from Manage a retail business to work as a receptionist.
Philip, who is a veteran of the US Army (1985-1989), started taking technology classes in 1994 at a community college in Albuquerque, New Mexico. From that grew a web site for Double P Tack. In 1999 Philip produced a web page for Maverick Rodeo Company making it one of the oldest rodeo sites on the web. Also in 1998 Philip who was working part time for United Parcel Service was promoted to a full time position as a Technician in their Technology Support Group. Currently he splits his time between Double P Tack and as an User Support Analyst III (Instructional Technology) at the University of New Mexico in Los Lunas, New Mexico. Double P Tack started a photography service at the end of 2004. In that short of time our Photo's have shown up in national advertising campaigns, on the cover of local rodeo papers and on the web site for Humps N' Horns magazine. Our video work has been used for Television programs and is featured on Maverick Rodeo Company's web site.


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