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About Double P Tack

About Double P Tack
Double P Tack is dedicated to bringing the world of technology to small businesses and to helping non-technical people navigate the world of technology.

Photography Editor and Senior Writer

Philip Leimbach

Currently Philip is helping Small Businesses get a handle on new technology including IoT, Social Media and Mobile Devices. Philip helps the Entrepreneur transverse the murky waters of the new technology through sharing insightful articles and other resources.

Plus, being a Rodeo Photographer in another life. Philip shares his knowledge with new startups to help them pick the best images to represent their brands.


  • Yes Philip is a technology professional. His education goes well beyond the classroom.
    BA(AS) Career and Technical Education Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, New Mexico class of 2015.

Microsoft Certified

CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+

ITIL V.3 Foundations

Crestron DMC-D-4k


A former Legal Specialist in the US Army, Philip has run Double P Tack since 1994. He worked his way up from a Customer Service Representative at UPS to becoming a Field Technician I and traveled extensively to support remote operations and customers.

Philip has been an IT Trainer, a Audio/Visual Technician at the University of New Mexico and a Technology Coordinator at Utah State University. 

Plus, an acclaimed Photographer and Video Producer.

Philip currently is helping direct small businesses in coping with the new demands of technology while he works of three(3) podcast, two(2) blogs and a Facebook in a pear tree.

You can find Philip on:
plus you can hear him monthly at the Roughstock Gazette
Oh, and he has two new podcast just about ready to launch at:
The Tech 1 Mentor
Micro-Biz Intro

Publisher and Editor

Pollie Williams

Pollie has been producing publications for just a few years, but she has been in business for herself since the 1970’s and remembers struggling with the early computers in her small business.

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