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Entrepreneur Troubles

When you are running your own business, there are lots of troubles you have to deal with. Many of them are large and can ruin your business in a matter of seconds. The problem with most troubles, they are self-inflicted.

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Photo’s from the Boyd Chute Out

These are some of the photo’s from the Boyd Chute Out used by the Roughstock Gazette. Hope you enjoy the photo’s from the handicapped seats…

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PBR 2015 World Finals Injury Report

So Luis Blanco is out with a broken ankle from round 1. Guilherme Marchi is out with a torn MCL, Wallace Oliveira is taking his…

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Bucking Horses

Bucking Horses. There has been a lot of interest in bucking bulls and it appears to be a growth industry. But the question is what…

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Changes Broke Yes, I broke it. Changes, That’s what I do best. So please bare with me as I rebuild and retool Double P Tack.…

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Sorry, But I am in the middle of making changes to Double P Tack.  Please check out my other sites: The Roughstock Gazette Maverick Rodeo…

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