My 5 Entrepreneur Goals for 2017.

My 5 Entrepreneur Goals for 2017.

by Philip Leimbach
  1. Make more money.

  2. Spend less money.

  3. Better manage money.

  4. Create new revenue streams.

  5. Damn up streams of outgoing revenue.

So, of my 5 Entrepreneur Goals which one seems the easiest? Now I have not had a steady income in 2016 and truthfully, I am at rock bottom so, goal number one, right? Which goal should be the most important? I am betting most of you say number three. Most probably think that numbers one and four and two and five are the same goal. But, not so fast my friends!

My 5 Entrepreneur Goals for 2017, start with number one “Make more money.”

Simple, yes? Sure, if I had a consistent income from a known source, I could go ask for a pay raise or adjust my withholdings in some way. But I do not have a consistent income, so, I need to develop that revenue stream. Not easy when you own your own business, but I need to rely on my experiences and look for the streams I know best.

Number two on My 5 Entrepreneur Goals of 2017, is “Spend less money.”

Sure, easy, just cut out the extras. I have. Gone is satellite television, though I did add on Netflix, Hulu and Sling, but still saving over $100 a month. Soup is a lot cheaper and better caloric wise than Taco Bell or Jack in The Box. It is not that I have cooking, I hate cleaning up, but it is much cheaper and healthier to just do it yourself. So, no fancy gym memberships, no fancy restaurants and so forth. I also am trying to measure my trips out so I make my trips in circles with mostly right hand turns.

Goal three of My 5 Entrepreneur Goals of 2017 may be my hardest to adhere to.

While I am good at creating, and managing project budgets. But, when it comes to my personal budgets I leave a lot to be desired in self-discipline. So now how do I best manage my funds. Now using tools like Quicken, Capital One and Fidelity, I am hoping to stay on top of my Albatross. The second thing I hope to accomplish is better management of my filing system. Hopefully keeping a clean and streamlines filing system will help me better monitor my accounts payable and receivable.

Goal four of My 5 Entrepreneur Goals of 2017 might seem weird.

“Create new revenue streams,” as a part-time photographer, a former instructor and a blogger I hope to monetize these elements to increase the breadth of my revenue streams and no longer rely on just one source of income. Can I, do it? Sure, but being an introvert who is typically unsure of himself when asking for opportunities, it is tougher than most things I attempt.

Goal five of My 5 Entrepreneur Goals of 2017 also sounds kind of weird,

but again this is something I have to look at to slow spending down. One thing I am looking at now is moving my website host to someone who is much more WordPress friendly and more financially feasible. I have even thought of getting mass transit passes to reach the metro area in a more financially responsible fashion.

Notes From A Rodeo Photographer

Notes From A Rodeo Photographer:

Notes From A Rodeo Photographer:  Being a rodeo photographer isn’t about just showing up with a nice camera or being able to edit photo’s on your iPhone. Knowing the events and understanding the arena helps to capture the moments. Knowing the lighting helps make the shots “pop.” Now from shooting from broad daylight in the Texas Panhandle to shooting at dusk with rain clouds building in the Southern Colorado Mountains, you have to understand how to light. Now I personally use Alien Bee from Paul C. Buff, because, well I can’t afford anything else and I got mine cheap from another photographer Kent Kerschner the FotoCowboy. When I first started I shot with a first generation Canon Digital Rebel the 300D with kit lenses and a 75-300mm. Now I shoot with a Canon 6D with a Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 which gives me better control and more depth of function. When you add quality equipment body, lenses and lights and work hard at your craft you should be able to capture good pictures that show the action of all athletes in the arena.

Matt Pugh, the producer of the Kenny Pugh Memorial Bullriding put his best effort in not only producing an outstanding event but also in trying to ride one of the rankest bulls in the pen.
Matt Pugh, the producer of the Kenny Pugh Memorial Bullriding put his best effort in not only producing an outstanding event but also in trying to ride one of the rankest bulls in the pen.

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Escape, It is hard growing up trailer park trash. Especially in an oil patch. Sure my friends who were smart headed to college, but, when you do just enough to get by the grades normally show it. The friends who didn’t want to go to college headed to the patch. Not an easy life being the low man on the rig. Sure the money is good, the beer is cold and the drugs are easy, but the work is dangerous and grueling.

Me, I took the easy way and joined the Army. It wasn’t the Navy so I wouldn’t run into my dad. I wasn’t Navajo so the Marines were not my cup of tea. The Air Force was cool but didn’t want to talk to me until after I was 18. But the Army, what can I say the recruiter was hot.

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