PBR 2015 World Finals Injury Report

So Luis Blanco is out with a broken ankle from round 1. Guilherme Marchi is out with a torn MCL, Wallace Oliveira is taking his place. Robson Palermo is out with a sprained neck and will be replaced with Tyler Harr. Alexandre Cardozo broke his C6-7 and T5 vertebrate and of course is out, at least six week. He will be replaced with Jay Miller.

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Bucking Horses

Bucking Horses. There has been a lot of interest in bucking bulls and it appears to be a growth industry. But the question is what will it take for bucking horses to catch up?

C-T Bucking Horse Futurity
C-T Bucking Horse Futurity
C-T Bucking Horse Futurity
C-T Bucking Horse Futurity

_MG_1881fb There are many new associations trying to get the bucking horse game off the ground. But it seems the process is moving along slowly. Now part of the slow uptake could be the lack of media interaction, lets face it the PRCA is not exactly a media darling like the PBR. Another part could be the lack of big events for riders, you don’t see many $50,000 added events for Bronc Riders.

So what will it take for the horses to become an investment and not a sideshow?

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