Brand Zealots

Double P Tack

Brand Zealots

Inspired by an introduction to an article by Kim Leitzes on changing social media campaigns in China. I was inspired to look a bit what is common measuring stick of consumer brand followers. I wondered what is a true brand follower, a person who will sleep in line over night for a new phone, or someone who only tells their closes allies about you. Maybe not even their brothers, sisters are best friends. Not because they don’t want you to have the same experience, but because they want no added interference in their experience. When I thought about that it became clear their are brand “fanboi’s” and brand zealots. I think if entrepreneurs and small business people stepped outside of their comfort zones and tried to achieve these bench marks they would not only have more success, but a sense of pleasure since they would be helping friends and not numbers.


Philip’s Thoughts

I want to turn looky lou’s and tire kickers to buyers.

I want to turn buyers into customers.

I want to turn customers into repeat customers.

I want to turn repeat customers into friends.

I want to convert friends into brand zealots.

Not in an Apple Inc. Kind of way but more in a favorite barber kind of way. You know where you feel comfortable going in, love the conversation, know you got the exact product you wanted at the highest quality and walk out grinning, because not only do you look awesome, but I just got the best deal ever and had a good time spending my cash. Kind of zealot that only tells his best friends so there isn’t a long wait next Saturday kind of way.