The Tech 1 Mentor Show – The Beginning

by Philip Leimbach

The Tech 1 Mentor Show – The Beginning

For those of you who just started your career in technology or maybe you’re getting ready to. This podcast is for you.

Tech Products: What Excited You In 2017

Tech Products: What Excited You In 2017

by Philip Leimbach

Lots of improved products hit the market this year. But, there seemed to be a lack of Earth shattering new products out on the market. What did you see that blew you away?

There where five market items and trends that made me stop and think.  From health and safety to “toys,” to shaking up old industries. Here are the things that made me stop and think.

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CTA Foundation Announces Accessibility Award Winners, Exhibitors, Programming at CES 2018


CTA Foundation Announces Accessibility Award Winners, Exhibitors, Programming at CES 2018

Arlington, VA, December 21, 2017 – The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Foundation, a national organization with the mission to link seniors and people with disabilities with technologies to enhance their lives, announced today accessibility-related programming and exhibits at CES® 2018. Owned and produced by CTA, CES is the global stage for innovation and will take place January 9-12 in Las Vegas, Nev.

The CTA Foundation is proud to host two new panels at CES 2018: Living Independently in Smart Homes, focusing on how smart home technologies are enabling greater independence for people regardless of age or ability; and Accessible Self Driving: Innovations for Independence, examining the benefits self-driving vehicles can provide the aging and disability community. Continue reading “CTA Foundation Announces Accessibility Award Winners, Exhibitors, Programming at CES 2018”

Are you ready for CES 2018?

Are you ready for CES 2018?

Are you ready for CES 2018 which starts January 9th – 12th. Taking up the entire Las Vegas Convention Center, The Sands and Venetian Convention Center and a huge chunk of Aria. There will be a lot of walking. Are you ready? I’ve written up a few hints as someone who lives in Las Vegas.


One, the Las Vegas Monorail is your friend. Yes, Lyft and Uber are nice, Taxi’s are expensive but the Monorail is the easiest way to get from the strip to the convention center. Now the monorail will not get you to the Aria, but it is an easy walk through the MGM across the Boulevard through Park MGM to Aria. Of course, there are lots of shuttle buses too, but be prepared to wait in line a long time. Now for the Venetian/Sands, the Monorail stops at Harrah’s which is down the strip away but it is still an easy walk. You get it yet, LOTS of walking. Even taking alternative transportation.


Shoes, at least two pair of good walking shoes. Why two, one for walking the trade show and one for walking the strip when you are done. Because if you are staying on the strip you know you are going to go cruise the strip. Make sure the shoes are broken in but not broke down. Brand new shoes can easily rub your feet raw and cause blisters. So, a couple of socks per day and good shoes and you are half ready.


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Brand Zealots

Brand Zealots

Inspired by an introduction to an article by Kim Leitzes on changing social media campaigns in China. I was inspired to look a bit what is common measuring stick of consumer brand followers. I wondered what is a true brand follower, a person who will sleep in line over night for a new phone, or someone who only tells their closes allies about you. Maybe not even their brothers, sisters are best friends. Not because they don’t want you to have the same experience, but because they want no added interference in their experience. When I thought about that it became clear their are brand “fanboi’s” and brand zealots. I think if entrepreneurs and small business people stepped outside of their comfort zones and tried to achieve these bench marks they would not only have more success, but a sense of pleasure since they would be helping friends and not numbers.


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My 5 Entrepreneur Goals for 2017.

My 5 Entrepreneur Goals for 2017.

by Philip Leimbach
  1. Make more money.

  2. Spend less money.

  3. Better manage money.

  4. Create new revenue streams.

  5. Damn up streams of outgoing revenue.

So, of my 5 Entrepreneur Goals which one seems the easiest? Now I have not had a steady income in 2016 and truthfully, I am at rock bottom so, goal number one, right? Which goal should be the most important? I am betting most of you say number three. Most probably think that numbers one and four and two and five are the same goal. But, not so fast my friends!

My 5 Entrepreneur Goals for 2017, start with number one “Make more money.”

Simple, yes? Sure, if I had a consistent income from a known source, I could go ask for a pay raise or adjust my withholdings in some way. But I do not have a consistent income, so, I need to develop that revenue stream. Not easy when you own your own business, but I need to rely on my experiences and look for the streams I know best.

Number two on My 5 Entrepreneur Goals of 2017, is “Spend less money.”

Sure, easy, just cut out the extras. I have. Gone is satellite television, though I did add on Netflix, Hulu and Sling, but still saving over $100 a month. Soup is a lot cheaper and better caloric wise than Taco Bell or Jack in The Box. It is not that I have cooking, I hate cleaning up, but it is much cheaper and healthier to just do it yourself. So, no fancy gym memberships, no fancy restaurants and so forth. I also am trying to measure my trips out so I make my trips in circles with mostly right hand turns.

Goal three of My 5 Entrepreneur Goals of 2017 may be my hardest to adhere to.

While I am good at creating, and managing project budgets. But, when it comes to my personal budgets I leave a lot to be desired in self-discipline. So now how do I best manage my funds. Now using tools like Quicken, Capital One and Fidelity, I am hoping to stay on top of my Albatross. The second thing I hope to accomplish is better management of my filing system. Hopefully keeping a clean and streamlines filing system will help me better monitor my accounts payable and receivable.

Goal four of My 5 Entrepreneur Goals of 2017 might seem weird.

“Create new revenue streams,” as a part-time photographer, a former instructor and a blogger I hope to monetize these elements to increase the breadth of my revenue streams and no longer rely on just one source of income. Can I, do it? Sure, but being an introvert who is typically unsure of himself when asking for opportunities, it is tougher than most things I attempt.

Goal five of My 5 Entrepreneur Goals of 2017 also sounds kind of weird,

but again this is something I have to look at to slow spending down. One thing I am looking at now is moving my website host to someone who is much more WordPress friendly and more financially feasible. I have even thought of getting mass transit passes to reach the metro area in a more financially responsible fashion.

What is needed to be a Cyber Security Expert

So, I attended a Lunch and Learn on Cyber Security presented by AASIM Cyber Group. One of the points brought up was the lack of qualified Cyber Security Warriors. My question is what is lacking? Ok, besides live bodies who want to be more than a live in the basement hacker, what skills do we need people to learn to provide top level security to our infrastructure.

Broken HDMI

So here is my take, please feel free to provide feedback.

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Hard Questions

Today, well today and tonight, I had two of the hardest questions ever posed to me. No She did not ask me to Marry her.

The first Hard Questions question was, are you a “Big Picture” guy or a “Details” guy and the only thing I could think of was “Yes.” Ok, sure, not a good answer but it is the truth. Being a field technician for many years for a major shipping company I had to learn about the business impact of what I was doing. If I negatively affected the business, then I not only hurt the delivery drivers but shot the heck out of customer service. At the Universities the last few years as I took on more responsibilities I definitely was a “Yes” guy. As my projects became larger and much more complex (read: expensive), I was the guy not only planning the projects but worrying about the implementation and then sticking my hands all the way up to the shoulder blades in the cabling. So my answer was yes! Now don’t worry I didn’t just say yes, but explained it. So I am “The Big Picture Guy Who Sees the Pixels out of whack.” Sorry blame it on my video background.

Then tonight Hard Questions number two, was even a scarier question posed to me! How do my professional dreams and my skills align? Now this is not a what are you doing in five years’ question, but instead a “you have a magic wand and you could have any job you want” question and how do your skills align with having that job. Wow, shocking was a mild understatement because at first I thought “THEY DON’T!” But as I sat down to diagram what I wanted, yes I did go big, I realized while I might not have every skill required, I have most. So now, addressing the jobs I really want, the proverbial gauntlet has been slapped upside the back of my head and I now understand that I need to begin planning my future to acquire the necessary experience and skills to land that job.

So if you need a Chief Information Officer, drop me a line. I am the big picture guy who has installed the cable and replaced the boards while smoothing the ruffled feathers of the customers.

Double P Tack
Double P Tack

Notes From A Rodeo Photographer

Notes From A Rodeo Photographer:

Notes From A Rodeo Photographer:  Being a rodeo photographer isn’t about just showing up with a nice camera or being able to edit photo’s on your iPhone. Knowing the events and understanding the arena helps to capture the moments. Knowing the lighting helps make the shots “pop.” Now from shooting from broad daylight in the Texas Panhandle to shooting at dusk with rain clouds building in the Southern Colorado Mountains, you have to understand how to light. Now I personally use Alien Bee from Paul C. Buff, because, well I can’t afford anything else and I got mine cheap from another photographer Kent Kerschner the FotoCowboy. When I first started I shot with a first generation Canon Digital Rebel the 300D with kit lenses and a 75-300mm. Now I shoot with a Canon 6D with a Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 which gives me better control and more depth of function. When you add quality equipment body, lenses and lights and work hard at your craft you should be able to capture good pictures that show the action of all athletes in the arena.

Matt Pugh, the producer of the Kenny Pugh Memorial Bullriding put his best effort in not only producing an outstanding event but also in trying to ride one of the rankest bulls in the pen.
Matt Pugh, the producer of the Kenny Pugh Memorial Bullriding put his best effort in not only producing an outstanding event but also in trying to ride one of the rankest bulls in the pen.

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Kids Rodeo Chaps – Clearance sale is almost over.

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