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Troubleshooting Printers 101

The Tech 1 Mentor Show by Philip Leimbach Double P Tack I talk a little about troubleshooting printers. From checking cables and drivers to making…

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Introduction to Podcasting 110

Introduction to Podcasting 110

Philip Leimbach, Escape
Philip Leimbach

Introduction to Podcasting 110

So, you want to create a podcast? After all that is what all the marketing experts are saying you should do. But, there is so much it is just overwhelming. Well, no not really. A podcast is as easy or as complicated as you want to or can afford to make it. You can start with baby steps or you can throw a ton of cash at it and jump in the deep end.
My advice of course, is to start off small. Grow, your confidence, your connections and your audience before spending too much money, time and effort on the latest fad.

Take a listen to our podcast “Podcasting the Double P Tack Way” for a bit more information on gear and hosts or read it here.

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Podcasting – The Double P Tack Way

I’ve been asked a lot lately about Podcasting. Yes, I can help you. No, I am not free or cheap. Easy, maybe? So I have listed my favorite or at least acceptable hardware and software below. You do not have to buy from the affiliate links, but I hope you do.

So here is the first question I have for you. Do you have a short simple name for your podcast? Can you purchase the domain Name?

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Are you ready for CES 2018?

Are you ready for CES 2018?

Are you ready for CES 2018 which starts January 9th – 12th. Taking up the entire Las Vegas Convention Center, The Sands and Venetian Convention Center and a huge chunk of Aria. There will be a lot of walking. Are you ready? I’ve written up a few hints as someone who lives in Las Vegas.


One, the Las Vegas Monorail is your friend. Yes, Lyft and Uber are nice, Taxi’s are expensive but the Monorail is the easiest way to get from the strip to the convention center. Now the monorail will not get you to the Aria, but it is an easy walk through the MGM across the Boulevard through Park MGM to Aria. Of course, there are lots of shuttle buses too, but be prepared to wait in line a long time. Now for the Venetian/Sands, the Monorail stops at Harrah’s which is down the strip away but it is still an easy walk. You get it yet, LOTS of walking. Even taking alternative transportation.


Shoes, at least two pair of good walking shoes. Why two, one for walking the trade show and one for walking the strip when you are done. Because if you are staying on the strip you know you are going to go cruise the strip. Make sure the shoes are broken in but not broke down. Brand new shoes can easily rub your feet raw and cause blisters. So, a couple of socks per day and good shoes and you are half ready.


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My 5 Entrepreneur Goals for 2017.

My 5 Entrepreneur Goals for 2017. by Philip Leimbach Make more money. Spend less money. Better manage money. Create new revenue streams. Damn up streams…

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What is needed to be a Cyber Security Expert

So, I attended a Lunch and Learn on Cyber Security presented by AASIM Cyber Group. One of the points brought up was the lack of qualified Cyber Security Warriors. My question is what is lacking? Ok, besides live bodies who want to be more than a live in the basement hacker, what skills do we need people to learn to provide top level security to our infrastructure.

Broken HDMI

So here is my take, please feel free to provide feedback.

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